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Affordable, Fast, and Reliable Garage Door Spring Replacement Near Me from AZ Garage Doors Today

AZ Garage Doors Today is a trusted local garage door company known for its expert replacement of garage door springs. We know how inconvenient it is to have a garage door that doesn’t work, especially if the spring has broken. Because of this, we provide all-inclusive spring replacement services, employing only the highest-grade components and trained professionals. We aim to give the best garage door spring replacement service possible by responding quickly to customer needs, offering competitive rates, and being available around the clock in case of emergencies. For a no-obligation estimate, please contact us right away to have us take care of all your garage door spring requirements.

Common Problems with Garage Door Spring Replacement

  • Improper Installation: Damage, poor efficiency, and higher safety hazards can result from incorrectly installed springs.
  • Incorrect Spring Size: Overstressing other garage door parts due to a mismatched spring size might cause them to break or perform less effectively.
  • Inadequate Lubrication: Lack of lubrication can lead to more friction and wear on the springs, which can cause them to break before they should.
  • Excessive Force: Use caution when opening the garage door; doing so with too much force could damage the springs and make the door unusable.
  • Corrosion: When springs are exposed to water and other contaminants, they rust and lose their strength until they break.
  • Age: Springs lose their elasticity and strength with use and eventually break or snap.
  • Torsion Spring Issues: The majority of garage doors today employ torsion springs. In the event that one of them breaks, it could result in serious door damage.
  • Extension Spring Issues: It is also possible for the door to fall on you if the extension springs snap while the door is open.
  • Inadequate Maintenance: Reduced lifespan, diminished efficiency, and an elevated risk of injury can result from neglected spring maintenance.
  • DIY Replacements: DIY garage door spring replacement is dangerous and should be avoided unless you have experience and the right tools. It’s recommended that you get a pro to handle this.

Importance of Garage Door Spring Replacement

The springs on your garage door are an integral part of the system that keeps it operating smoothly. They make the door simpler to open and close by distributing the door’s weight. However, garage door springs can wear out or break over time, either from regular use or from an unexpected event like a collision with a vehicle. It can become difficult to use your garage if the door becomes stuck or difficult to open as a result of this.

Services for replacing garage door springs are necessary in this case. These repairs involve installing new springs in lieu of the old ones to make the garage door work again. DIY garage door spring replacement is risky and might cause more harm than good to your door.

When you hire pros to replace your garage door’s broken springs, you get a door that works like new and keeps your family safe. This can save you money and time in the long term by reducing the likelihood of accidents and increasing the lifespan of your garage door.

To sum up, garage door spring replacement services are crucial to the door’s long-term health and security. Get in touch with a pro for garage door spring replacement if you’re having problems or if you find that your springs are worn out or broken.

Popular Types of Garage Door Spring Replacement We Repair

  • Torsion Springs: Torsion springs are usually used on garage doors. They lift the door’s weight and are the most common type of spring.
  • Extension Springs: A pair of extension springs, one on each side of the door, acts as a counterbalance and additional point of support.
  • Torque Master Springs: The Torque Master spring system is a type of torsion spring that has been made to make it less likely that someone will get hurt or damage their property while replacing the spring.
  • Wayne Dalton Torque Master: springs made by Wayne Dalton Torque Master have a good reputation for lasting a long time.
  • Clopay EZ-Set Springs: Spring replacement is simple and risk-free with Clopay EZ-Set torsion springs.
  • Custom Springs: Garage door springs can be made to order, so you can choose ones that are tailor-made to your needs.
  • Oil-Tempered Springs: When a spring is heat-treated and then coated in oil, it becomes more durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • Galvanized Springs: Galvanized springs have a zinc coating that prevents them from rusting and corroding.
  • Wire-Formed Springs: Wire-formed springs are made from high-strength wire because it is known to be reliable and last a long time.
  • Precision Springs: Precision springs are often used in high-end garage doors because they work in the same way every time.

Popular Brands Garage Door Spring Replacement Parts We Repair

  • Clopay: Clopay is the market leader when it comes to making torsion and extension garage door springs for both business and home use.
  • Wayne Dalton: A household name in the garage door business, Wayne Dalton manufactures a wide range of garage door torsion springs, Torque Master springs, and other garage door hardware.
  • Raynor: Raynor is an industry-leading producer of both torsion and extension springs for garage doors, both at home and in business.
  • LiftMaster: Torsion springs and other garage door hardware are available from LiftMaster, a well-known company in the business.
  • Genie: The Genie name is well-known in the garage door industry, and its products include both torsion and extension springs.
  • Chamberlain: Chamberlain is the best in the business at making both torsion and extension garage door springs for homes and businesses.
  • Amarr: Amarr is a well-known company in the garage door business. They make both torsion and extension springs that can be used in both home and business garage doors.
  • Sears: In the world of garage doors, Sears is a household name that provides a variety of torsion and extension springs for both home and commercial use.
  • Craftsman: The Craftsman name is well-known in the garage door industry, and their products include both torsion and extension springs.
  • Martin: Martin was one of the first companies to make torsion and extension garage door springs for both home and business use.
Garage Door Spring Replacement Frequently Asked Questions

How to replace garage door spring?

If you are handy around the house, fixing a damaged garage door spring shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. However, this operation must be performed with extreme caution because it may be hazardous if not carried out in accordance with standard safety protocols. However, you can save some money by doing it yourself if you are skilled and have the right equipment.

Changing garage door springs entails around eight distinct actions:

  • Get the right equipment.
  • Determine the appropriate torsion spring size through measurement.
  • Please shut the garage door.
  • The garage door opener must be unplugged.
  • Set up a C-clamp on the rail and take out the old springs.
  • Make that the new springs are in place.
  • The door must be lifted carefully, so make sure it is balanced.

(The full guide with detailed instructions for each step is available on its question link above; use caution and don’t miss any of them!)

How much to replace garage door spring?

Damage to the garage door’s springs almost always necessitates a new set of springs being installed. Sadly, many homeowners won’t learn this until both are broken. That’s why it’s crucial to routinely check the hardware on your garage door.

If you have a garage with multiple doors and need to replace multiple parts, the price can easily rise to $500. The typical garage door spring replacement cost, including all necessary parts and labor, is between $150 and $350.

Nonetheless, the price can drop to as low as $100 if the damage isn’t too bad and all that needs doing is a little lubrication of the springs. The price of the necessary gear ranges from $30 to $200. (depending on the severity). The majority of the cost, between $75 and $150, will come from the labor involved.

Can I replace garage door spring myself?

Your door’s springs, your level of self-assurance, and your desire for a challenge all play a role. If you’re handy around the house, have an entire day free, and some extension springs, you’re in luck. It’s possible you can figure things out on your own. However, many of us would rather not deal with the hassle of repairing or replacing garage door springs on our own.

There’s always a chance that the door won’t work if you can’t get everything in the right spot. As time goes on, a garage door with improperly mounted springs poses a safety risk to anyone using the door. The tension causes the door to break or the opener’s life to be cut short. It can be financially beneficial to mend your own springs to save money, but only if you are confident in your abilities and know exactly what you are doing.

Give us a call at (480) 500-7027 if you aren’t 100% sure of yourself. We’ll gladly assist you in replacing the broken springs in your door and getting it operational again in a matter of minutes.

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